Marité, Albanus, Jacobstads Wapen, Linden, Gunilla, Stockholmsbriggen, Eugenia, Hoppet

Stockholm, Sweden

Sole remaining French Grand Banks schooner in the world, completely restored in Stockholm by private owners. Sails on charter trips.
Allan Palmer had a leading part in the work of rigging and trial sailing the Marité. He also worked on board her during the first sailing seasons 1987 and 88 and subsequently. He served as Mate when she sailed across the Atlantic in the Columbus regatta 1992.

Mariehamn, Åland

Built in 1988 on the model of a predecessor, a local cargo-carrying galeas from 1904. Sails mainly on youth cruises. Allan Palmer was responsible for designing and fitting the standing and running rigging, and for planning the interior.
From 1990 to 1999 he was her principal skipper and he still sails her occasionally.

Jakobstad, Finland

A historically exact replica (except for modern technology below deck) of an 18th century merchant ship. Sails mainly on corporate charters. Completed in 1994 with standing and running rigging entirely of hand-made hemp rope. Allan Palmer was in charge of the practical rigging work and deck functions. He also directed the first month’s trial trips and crew training.

Mariehamn, Åland.

Sailing passenger-ship. Built in 1993 with a cargo-sailer from 1920 as prototype. Allan Palmer designed the rig, directed the work of rigging her, and has sailed in her occasionally, mainly on long trips.

Öckerö, (outside Gothenburg), Sweden

Built as a motor-schooner in 1939, converted in 1999 from a cargo-ship into a sailing upper secondary school for ocean voyages, rigged as a 3-masted barque. Allan Palmer designed the rig, drew all the spars, fittings, sails, etc., and directed the practical work, including rigging her and performing the first trial trips. Her lower masts and the three lower yards are made of steel, the rest being of wood. Apart from modern welding technique which was used, her rig and fittings were fashioned in the old traditional way.

Stockholm, Sweden.

This is a project of building a wooden brig in a traditional way There is no fixed time-table. In the winter of 2002-03 work was carried out on the bottom ceiling and outer planking. The concept is to sail the brig both as a training ship and on charter trips.

Allan Palmer has made a preliminary drawing for her sailplan and has started designing a rig based upon the style of the late 19th century.

Kimito, Finland.

The newly-built jakt (sloop) EUGENIA from Kimito, Finland, and the restored galleass OLGA, of Uusikaupunki/Nystad, Finland, are other projects in which A.Palmer Sailing has been responsible for the rigging work.