The schooner Nordboen

was built of oak in 1933 at the well-known Ring Andersen shipyard in Svendborg, Denmark. As a motor-ketch, she carried cargoes in the Baltic, the North Sea and right up to Lofoten.
Between 1972 and 1994 the Nordboen underwent extensive conversion into a charter schooner. In the years 1974-1999 she mainly served as the then owner’s home but also carried out charter trips.
In June 1999 the Nordboen was bought by A. Palmer Sailing Ab Ltd, and on 14 July that year she sailed for the first time into her new home port at the Maritime Quarter in Mariehamn in the Åland Islands
The Nordboen has been fitted out to comply with the safety and environment requirements of the Finnish shipping authorities.

Technical data

- Length on deck 21 m
- Breadth 5.1 m
- Draught 2.6 m
- Height of masts 24 m
- Sail area about 250 sq m
- Engine power 300 hp

There are 4 cabins for two persons, and temporary bunks can be arranged for 3-4 persons in the salon.

Come sailing in the Nordboen - enjoy adventures at sea
and get to know the most beautiful archipelagoes in the Baltic!