Sailing adventure in a traditional schooner

The schooner Nordboen offers cruises among the Åland Islands with 8-12 guests accommodated on board, or a maximum of 22 guests on day trips or with shore accommodation for longer trips.
Our cruises concentrate upon real sailing, experiences of nature and culture, and a relaxing life on board this exclusive little sailing-ship.
A proper dose of seamanship, active participation in the work of sailing, visits to attractive island villages and scenic harbours, fishing and bathing, plus of course delicious food prepared with local
produce - all these ingredients give our trips quality and substance.
Trips are planned individually, with scope for improvisation depending upon weather, wind and the interests and requirements of our guests.
A crew with an extensive knowledge of the islands, great sailing-ship skills and a genuine interest in their work, guarantee enjoyment for our guests.

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